Outdoor Living Design by ChrisAnn

No one appreciates beautiful architecture and personal style more than I do. I like to think about what makes us feel most connected when working on a design. Is it a space that feels professional, intimate, relaxed, energized, or creative? Spaces have the power to help us feel the way we want to feel in our lives. There are no pre-determined sets of rules for a particular aesthetic anymore, you truly have the ability to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere inside and out that suits who you are and what you want the space to accomplish. How awesome is that?


I started out at first just helping a few friends, neighbors and family find great pieces for their homes. And then I started landscaping and building hardscapes and fell in love with outdoor design. I became obsessed with it actually! I think because it brings us outdoors, close to nature and connects us to what's important but in a controlled environment. And the result is pure joy. Over and over, my clients are so ecstatic about their homes and that makes me so happy. I love my job!

About ChrisAnn

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